Bassett is an authority on compliance issues with vast experience in the industry. He is an ex-Global Leader of AML of Barter Bank of Scotland, now holding the position of the Chairman of the Cryptocurrency Anti-money laundering  Association in Poland and is a Member of the Advisory Board of the International Conformity Association.

Lukas is recognised in Europe as an expert of fraud prevention. He gained experience as a Head of Fraud Investigations in ArbelorLacitall; AML/KYC Project Manager at the Vidian Bank of Liechtenstein; and Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigator at Maldova. He holds the title of Certified Fraud Analyst and Certified Central Auditor.

Gonzalez has been analyzing and developing in the blockchain technology and its applications since 2010 – from the very beginning of the cryptocurrency space. He is a Head of a Compound-Algorithm Cryptocurrency Mining Base with vast experience in attacking, testing and creating blockchain-related systems.

Andrei Bassett

Co-Founder and CIO

Lukas Kendall

Co-Founder and CTO

Ayush Gonzalez

Co-Founder and COO

Our Team

Antony Maxwell

Co-Founder and CEO

For the past 15 years of his professional career, Maxwell has been associated with the biggest European IT companies and successfully overseen the technology, business and Operations Departments. He has been involved in the biggest IT projects in Europe in the sectors of public, banking, insurance and telco. Maxwell is strongly focused on achieving business goals. Specialising in Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Automation and technologies provided by top vendors like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft.